Meet the team

the founders

Spencer Hawkridge

Spencer Hawkridge is an English Teacher at Ecole Centrale de Nantes, though he began his teaching career as a History Teacher in the UK. Throughout his life, he has turned his hand to many different things (spreading chaos as he went!), but now he is deeply committed to promoting children’s literature and making it accessible to all, through his commitment to and presidency of the BookHoof Association.

Christine Evain

Christine Evain is a Professor of Linguistics and Didactics at the University of Rennes and an expert in Canadian Literature, who is in love with and enraptured by every aspect of the book industry! It’s her love of all things “books” that inspired her to co-found the BookHoof Association, to spread the word wherever she may be..!

the webmasters

Rémi Fallon
Web Master

Remi is a robotics engineer whose mission is to create platforms that will allow children with limited means to get access to knowledge and become an engineer like him.

Vivien Boudou
Web Master

As an aspiring teacher, Vivien wants to transform the whole education process of how children are being taught. He aims in putting creativity and inventing skills first above all. 

Yudhisteer Chintaram
Web Master

Future entrepreneur, Yudhisteer aims to make children interested in STEM at a very young age. He believes knowledge should know no boundaries to anyone, especially children.

Ravish Domun
Web Master

Ravish is a Civil engineering student at ECN. His goal is how to make children fall in love with engineering with illustrative and breathtaking stories. He aims in passing the torch of knowledge to the next generation.

reading committee

Elisabeth Richard
Françoise Bourvon
Elaine Rees
Marie-Françoise Narcy-Combes
Jean-Paul Narcy-Combes
Bernard Sellin
Christine Bertail
Pascale Lesage
Catrin Bellay
Simon Carolan
Claire Lemascon
Thomas Becker

workshop organisers

Sarah Lemrabet


Emmanuelle Michel