Welcome to BookHoof!

We run community based book making workshops with novice writers and illustrators and therein lies the challenge.

BookHoof and BookHoof Pro
BookHoof is an association based in Rennes, France. We wish to produce and distribute free books and learning materials to children and young adults.


At BookHoof we run workshops with amateur writers, illustrators, and creators with a focus on producing children and young adults’ (YA) books. More so than creating beautiful publishable objects, our BookHoof workshops are about firstly community and community building and if we make great books that we can put on our website (or, indeed, publish) along the way, that is a bonus.

BookHoof Pro

BookHoof Pro is focused on creating high quality productions and uses a professional model in its outlook. Therefore, against the background of BookHoof and its amateur workshops (i.e. the creation of all materials) the Pro model seeks to use creative commons licensed materials and open educational resources (OCR), etc. to create high quality publications.


Feel free to contact us, should you have any questions or if you want to join us. You can also follow us on Twitter for information on all our upcoming Bookhoof activities.


Rennes, France.