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Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it - roald dahl

Below is BookHoof’s collection of books, created by dedicated non-professionals who were motivated by the objective of bringing younger people closer to literature and who have consecrated a considerable amount of time, effort and skill in producing books that are not only beautiful and informative, but which will nourish the imagination of those who read them.

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Ponte morandi

This is the true story of a bridge that collapsed in Italy. But it’s not all nuts and bolts, because this is a very human tragedy involving the Mafia and money and defective concrete…

Reverse engineering of the brain

Wonderful and fascinating insight into brain function and consciousness and how scientists who are working on Artificial Intelligence are seeking to reverse engineer the brain.

Les Oeuvres D'Augustin

Entre théâtre et poésie, Augustin nous livre sa vision du monde, très personnelle....


In a world where the government has access to the thoughts of citizens using brain implants, a girl named Domino struggles to free the people.

prevention of nuclear terror

This book describes nuclear technology both on a civilian and military context and highlights the dangers of such technology.

new brain!?

Tells the story of Python the dog who, after an accident, undergoes an operation which greatly improves his brain functions.

Soupirs délicieux

Ce receuil s'inscrit dans le cadre du concours "dis-moi dix mots" sous toutes les formes, et rassemble trois poèmes dont la forme est différente: Ode, Prose et Vers.

Provide access to clean water

A very detailed and factual exposé of the issues and challenges of ensuring a clean water supply to the world's population.

The inside mind

Sheldon enters a Virtual Reality world and finds himself in all sorts of extraordinary situations! Put your goggles on and hold tight on this rollercoaster ride…